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SATOSHIROUND calls themselves an on-chain odd even game and that's exactly what this platform delivers! All of the games are fully random because you bet on whether the last digit of the block which includes your transaction turns out to be even or odd.

You have to agree to regulatory rules about gambling being legal in your jurisdiction before starting to play. Two deposit addresses get prompted out of which one is for odd guessing and another one for even.

If the next block happens to match your prediction, then winnings are automatically sent back to your wallet. Because this game has a 31.25% probability you earn 3x on your bet! House edge was recently lowered which consists of letters.

Because the game uses actual data from the blockchain all of the results are easily verifable.

We did not locate any regular slots or casino table games on this platform.


As of right now, SATOSHIROUND's Bitcoin Cash gaming platform does not offer any deposit bonuses or promotion.

We could not find an active affiliate or referral program.

You do not have any investment options on this site.


Live dealer casino games are unavailable on this gaming platform.

Odd or Even game is based on the blockchain and fully random.

The provably fair feature is the blockchain.

Blockchain - Deposits & Withdrawals

SATOSHIROUND's blockchain gaming platform lets you gamble in two popular cryptocurrencies which are Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

Your deposit is the bet and you get two addresses one for even and another one for odd. If the last digit of block hash matches your prediction, then winnings are automatically sent back to the address you sent from.

Because of this format, it is extremely important to use a wallet with a re-usable address.

Trust Conclusion's blockchain gaming platform started off as a lottery house but has since improved themselves into a blockchain-based odd or even game. It is easy to verify results because the random factor is the last digit of your transaction block. You cannot generate coins with any programs or bonuses, but this is a very fun and quick alternative to regular slots or table games. We do not see any red flags with this blockchain gaming platform.

SATOSHIROUND's Bitcoin Cash casino earns an above-average trusted rating from us!

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