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OddEvenBETs is a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain-based gaming platform that allows players to gamble quickly.

The game itself is based on the hash of the block and you can send your wager to either Odd address or Even address. Odd includes numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. Even is for the remaining 0, 2, 4, 6, and 8.

Send your transaction to the selected tier and watch your bet appear on the main page. You will know if you win instantly. Winnings will be sent to the same address that payment came from after it has one confirmation on the network.

Minimum bet amount for this game is 0.0001 BCH and the maximum bet is 0.005 Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

There is a provably fair feature. You can verify the randomness of each round after your bet is made.

We couldn't find any other casino games or blockchain gaming variations on this platform.


We would love to see deposit bonuses at OddEvenBETs but how could you get one when there are no deposits required? No pun intended. This platform is straight-forward without any benefits.

OddEvenBETs does not have an active VIP loyalty program.

There is no active Bitcoin Cash (BCH) affiliate program.


OddEvenBETs is not offering any casino table games with live dealers.

The game is based on the blockchain.

The provably fair feature is active.

Blockchain - Deposits & Withdrawals

OddEvenBETs operates on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain. Technically, you are not depositing but your transaction is counted as the wager.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) deposit is instant. You will see your wager outcome on the main page.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) withdrawal is sent out after deposit acquires one confirmation. Make sure that you are using a wallet that can receive coins or you might end up losing your winnings.

Trust Conclusion

OddEvenBETs is a welcoming addition to the growing blockchain gaming variety. Players that are in need of a large selection of games or just traditional casino games will not find anything suitable here. Odd or Even game is a quick blockchain-based gaming variation. There isn't any promotions or bonuses for extra value but if you are in need of a secure, trusted, and provably fair game allowing you to double your wager then OddEvenBETs will be just right for you.

No registration required, fully automated payouts and easily verifiable hash are the three main reasons why we are giving OddEvenBETs trusted Bitcoin Cash casino rating.

Keep in mind that you should never play with any BCH that you cannot afford to lose. Practice Bitcoin Cash gaming responsibly.

Don't make the silly mistake of depositing Bitcoin Cash to a new house without reading our best Bitcoin Cash casino reviews first!

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